Mini Excavator

Sunward is not only leading the development of mini excavators, but also the first brand to successfully enter the European and American markets. As early as 2003, Sunward products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and Africa. The exportation volume of the mini excavators has reached nearly 10,000 units. In Europe, SUNWARD is the only brand that can compete with the American, European and Japanese brands of excavators. It truly deserves the title of "Mini Construction Helper".

Small Excavator

Sunward dominates the category called small excavator. Sunwards N9 Series excavators pack the power and performance that todays contractor is looking for. In addition to high output performance, the Sunward N9 Series delivers class leading fuel economy. Many see the enhanced technology, along with the reliability & quality manufacturing, of the N9 Series as a hands down winner when it comes to improving profits on your job. Contact your Sunward Dealer for more information.

Medium Excavator

Medium Excavators are a very popular class in which SUNWARD ranks right up there with the leaders in this category. The SWE Series of mid class excavators have adopted the idea of "integrated innovation" and "open innovation". The high efficiency, energy saving and comfort cab design, makes this SWE Series a hands down first round pick for any contractor. There is a lot of innovative technology packed into the SWE Mid Series Excavators, that allow the contractor to complete their projects quicker and more profitable than ever.

Large Excavator

Got the BIG projects? Try the SWE Large Series Excavators. Sunward boasts some of the most aggressive cycle times in the industry when it comes to large class excavators. The mining companies around the world rave about Sunward's machine design and electro-hydraulic integration technology. Its main component is the power and hydraulic system, which was customized with cooperation from internationally renowned strategic core parts suppliers and the self developed control and monitoring system. The SWE Series is equipped with a high-grade cab that conforms to the Europe EROPS safety standards. The excavator is provided with a heavy hydraulic system, strong swing & rotation system, power traveling system, stable & reliable chassis and an operating handle for easy control. In addition to the power and control of the Large SWE Series, all models of Sunward Excavators are equipped with smart engineered access points for easy maintenance.